Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated 24,000 cancer incidences in Ghana with breast and cervix being the most dominant amongst Ghanaian women. Over 2,000 breast cancer deaths were recorded from estimated 4,500 breast cancer incidences in 2020, and the data is projected to double by 2035. The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), situated in the Ga-East municipality in the Greater Accra Region, offers healthcare services through its GAEC Hospital and undertakes research on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment through the Radiological and Medical Sciences Research Institute (RAMSRI). The Institute (RAMSRI) and the GAEC Hospital are jointly embarking on a drive to educate and create awareness about cancer in Ghana. In 2023, RAMSRI and the GAEC Hospital aims to undertake a massive sensitization and awareness creation on breast cancer in the Ga-East Municipality, a district which is cosmopolitan in nature, has population of 280,000 and lacks a coordinated programme of breast cancer awareness, education and advocacy.

Linkage to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

The project is linked to SDG 3.4, which aims to reduce by one third, premature mortality from cancers and other non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment by 2030.

Potential Impact:

The project is intended to impact positively the health and wellbeing of inhabitants (especially women) within communities against cancer. The breast cancer walk is envisaged to draw together 500 – 1,000 women and men towards a common course of creating awareness against breast cancer.

Specifically, the project seeks to:

  1. Unite communities in the fight against cancer.
  2. Solicit financial, logistical or emotional support to needy cancer patients.
  3. Provide hope, love and improved quality of life for identified cancer patients.

Our Mission

  • We create education and awareness about cancer prevention in the community.
  • We advocate for free breast cancer screening to women (during breast cancer month).
  • We perform research studies on cancers towards preventing the cancer, saving lives and living well with the disease.
  • We bring hope to those affected by cancer through early detection, education, and support services.